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Related post: Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 11:13:02 -0600 From: Data Fever Subject: Quick Learner Part 2 Over the next couple of little april nude weeks, I learned that there were two types of men who tpg little ru came to the arcade. Some men were like the young man little cuties nude who fucked me, who took the time to make sure that I was sexually excited, who might even be said to care about me, and who frequently said they loved fucking little boy me. Other men obviously didn't care about me at little baby fuck all. All they wanted was their own sexual gratification and didn't care if they caused little panties images me pain in the process. Not that they raped nake little girls me or anything like that, it's just that they were inconsiderate jagged little pill of me and my feelings. I never let men like that fuck me, although sometimes it was little pubes through their fucking the first time that I found out that little boy peeing I would never let them little sister naked do it again. Other than the young man who little nude tgp first fucked me - his name was Paul - I never bothered to learn or remember the names of the men who had sex with me. The sex all blurred into a continuous stream for me - fucking, sucking, being sucked - none of it was exceptional or noteworthy. little willie john For those of us who slept in the rooms over the arcade each night, little russian tgp there was a ritual that took place when the arcade little stars closed. There were usually about ten of us - little kiddie nude that meant two little shoolgirl free or three to a room. We grouped up depending upon little pussy fucking whether we just wanted to sleep or whether we wanted to engage in some little teen mpegs sexplay. Pete got his five dollars from each of us in either case. Some boys, like Tonka and Tweeter, had homes to sleep in at night. I don't think Rusty had a home, but he didn't stay at the arcade either. Every once the little lesbian in a while, one of the boys who regularly stayed at the arcade, like Twix and Puffer, would be gone overnight staying at a trick's little girls nympho place. That first night, I was just planning on going to sleep. Besides Paul, I had also sucked off two men little nymphs and been sucked off by a guy. That was on top of the initiation that I had gone through. But Cheeter made it clear that he wanted to little april amateur sleep with me. little japan nude I never had anything against blacks, but I never had anything *for* them either. But the way the other boys all grouped up into the other rooms, I felt as though I had no choice. I resigned myself to letting him fuck me, and then we'd fall asleep and that would be that. little girsl fuck Boy, was I wrong. When Cheeter and I got into the room we would little russian teen spend the night in, I began to take off my clothes, but Cheeter stopped me. He told me that there was no rush, that we could take our time and pics little boys enjoy the night. Then he turned off the light. free little tits little boys porn The room had no windows and almost no light came in the closed door, so it was pretty much pitch black in the room. The light bulb was probably just dirty little cunt a twenty-five watt free little ass or little lesbo something, so it would have been no problem to sleep with the light on. Cheeter took hold of my hand and guided me to the bed. Either he could see in the dark or he was very familiar with little boysunderwear the room's layout. I guessed it was probably the latter. When Cheeter made a comment about not being able to see the color of his skin when it was so dark, I realized that he must have faced a lot of discrimination. I didn't say anything, but I guess he didn't realize little girl that I would be able to tell it was him just from the way he smelled. It sexy little modeols wasn't a little boys briefs bad smell. It wasn't a good smell. It was just a different smell that was unlike the way little grils Rusty, Tweeter, Twix, Puffer or any of the other boys smelled. So forum little we lay there fully dressed - I even still had my shoes on. Cheeter told me about his childhood as he occasionally touched my face or ran his fingers through my hair, how his dad and two of his uncles used him and his brothers for sex, how his older brothers used him, how he used little kids raped his younger brothers. Somehow he got little petite photos me japan little porn talking about my life of being whipped. He had me sit up so that little teenie blogs he could remove little nudisten teen my shirt. He removed his shirt at the same time. As I talked, he ran his hand over my chest, sometimes tracing my lips with a finger or circling my bellybutton. When Cheeter asked me what I wanted out of life, I found no answer for him. I knew perfectly well that I didn't want to be whipped any more, but as for what I did want, well, I wasn't sure. He was kissing my neck and shoulders, sometimes nibbling on an ear, stopping only to ask more questions. It seemed to be easy to talk with Cheeter. little teen tits At some point, it occurred to me that what we were doing wasn't sex, but it was enjoyable. It was in its own way even better than sex. I felt close to Cheeter. I reached out my hand and gently began to feel his chest, his shoulders. In silence, my hands explored his upper body while his lips explored mine. When his lips met mine, a million thoughts seemed to flow through my mind: Did I really want to be kissing littlegirls porno a black boy, did I really want to be kissing any boy, did it make any difference that he was black? For all of my doubts, Cheeter little pink panties taught me how to kiss that night, and I enjoyed little russian teens it very much. Then when his tongue penetrated my lips, little asian dancer more questions nude little guestbook invaded me: Wasn't his mouth dirty, could I adult little girls get sick from his germs, wasn't this how people got mono? And yet my arms wrapped around him and held him close as little gallery xxx our tongues danced together, as our lips pressed together, as I inhaled into my nose the air he was exhaling from his. I have no idea how much time went by while we kissed. Perhaps not all that much, but it was something that I wanted to go on forever just as much as I wanted to move on to other things. It was Cheeter who eventually got up and taylor little porn left me lying there as he removed my shoes and socks and began to play with my feet. I nudes little pussy took the time to think about my feelings. I had never little caesars thought about having sex with another guy before, and rather suddenly I had found myself having sex just to make money. Although what I was doing with Cheeter had nothing to do with money. I enjoyed it, but naked little girl even more so, I desired it. It was as if I had been seeking it without even realizing it. little sweet nude Cripes, even the touch of Cheeter's fingers on my feet and ankles made me feel all tingly. I wouldn't have little girl ass said that I was in love with Cheeter. It could have been Tonka or Twix or even Rusty little angel pornpictures and I think I would little loca videos have felt the same way. It was like I was waking little girl pron up to bleeding little pussy a desire that I had never realized that I had. Lost little ebony teen in my thoughts, I little schoolgirl whores became aware that Cheeter was in the process of unsnapping my pants, unzipping them, and pulling them down with my undies. I lifted my butt to facilitate the process. He bounced little pussy biz back on the bed beside me and I wasn't too surprised to discover that he was as naked as I was. Naked, we pressed our bodies together, our legs nestled together allowing our crotches to meld. Our arms wrapped around each other. Our lips once again found sweet solace together. His hands roamed over my back and butt while my hands did the same. I wondered if I could just live with Cheeter little april blowjob for the rest of my life. Cheeter engaged me in a mock wrestling match. Sometimes he would be on top, sometimes I would be. In either case, our boners pressed between our bodies and our lips seldom parted. I was totally dependent on Cheeter for the lead on little porngirls our playing around, and little hardcore girls I was completely content with that situation. Cheeter broke away from our ardent kissing. Not that we had been in one continuous kiss the entire time - our ilegal littles girls lips had also wandered to other parts of each other's faces. But the way that Cheeter moved his kisses down to my neck while shifting his body off of littlegirls tgp mine led me to believe that we were moving on to a new exploited little girls stage in our lovemaking. As Cheeter moved his way down my torso with his tongue, lips and fingers, he positioned his body so that he way laying on his stomach littles with his hips just about even with my shoulders. I played my hand over Cheeter's back and butt while he roamed his fingers and mouth over every part of my holocaust little boy crotch except my boner. By the time Cheeter cute little kitties finally began to pay some attention tight little asses to my boner, my whole body was quivering in anticipation. Even then, he took his time, using the tips of his fingers and little boys rule the tip of his tongue to excite me. I couldn't stand it euro little girls any more, and my body shook in orgasm. As I lay there, breathing hard, I figured what would little girl twinks happen next would be that Cheeter would roll me over and fuck me. Instead, Cheeter continued to caress my entire groin little girls rape area, licking on my balls, and not ignoring my boner at all which was still hard but not completely stiff. little camel toe When Cheeter sucked my boner into his mouth, I was amazed that my body little sex porn seemed to be ready for it. I knew that I had had at least five or six orgasms sexy little children already that day and yet I knew that if Cheeter kept going, I would eventually have yet another one. I turned slightly to my side so that I could slide my hand under Cheeter's body and grab a feel of his boner. Cheeter obliged by turning slightly onto his side. I still found it to be a bit awkward to fondle his boner and balls, so I turned a angel teen little bit more and so did Cheeter. After one more round, we were both lying on our sides, and Cheeter's boner was almost right in my face. Even though Cheeter was younger than I was by a couple of months, his boner was about the same size as Puffer's. Plus little girl moppets I could feel that he had a nice small patch of pubic hair already. All this time, Cheeter never stopped sucking on my boner. Suddenly I had a brilliant idea. With a small shift of my body, I was able to suck on Cheeter's boner at the same time that he was sucking on mine. I actually thought I had invented a brand new way for two boys to have sex together. In what seemed like almost no time at all, Cheeter stopped sucking on joung little angels my boner long enough to tell little bitty titties me that he was going 12y little nude to shoot. I was a little surprised that he was old enough to shoot, but I little incest top didn't think too much of it. Then he told me again forbidden little nudists that he was going little oral annie to shoot for real, and there seemed to be an urgency in his words, but I didn't know why. True to his word, Cheeter shot his wad into my mouth. little sex kds It wasn't until later that I found out that no whitey had ever sucked Cheeter's boner before and that just the try little sex idea that I was sucking him off little girls nylons had made him super excited. He had thought that tiny little porn there was no way I would ever let him shoot into my mouth. Anyway, between the excitement I felt at having made Cheeter excited and the stimulation of Cheeter's mouth and hands, it wasn't very long before I once again reached little teenz kinder orgasm. Part of me was exhausted, and part of me never wanted this night to teeny little pussies end. little porn mpegs At this point, Cheeter offered his butt to me, but I demurred. free little girlporn When I offered my butt to Cheeter, he was incredulous. Later on I would learn that for a whitey to pleasure a black was considered extremely taboo. Whites didn't suck off blacks and blacks didn't fuck whites. It just didn't happen. Once I managed to convince Cheeter that I was serious about letting him fuck me, he lost little time in getting me lubed up. He had me lay on my back and lift my legs way up in the air so that my knees were almost touching my shoulders. Cheeter took his time, little tykes toybox both in penetrating me bald little beavers and in fucking me. After a little thai teens while, I began to feel quite uncomfortable with having my legs up in the air like that. My muscles were complaining. Cheeter had me get on my knees and elbows and he got me behind me in what he called 'doggy style'. While Cheeter fucked me, he jacked me off with one hand (I continued to be amazed that I still had the energy to maintain a boner) and raked his fingernails down my back with his other hand. I could feel myself heading for yet another orgasm. As had happened with Paul earlier, my orgasm triggered Cheeter's orgasm. After he made his final push into my butt, I gradually collapsed onto the bed and Cheeter collapsed on top of me, his dick staying inside of my butt as I drifted off to sleep.
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